Candidate's program
I am running for FIDE President with a clear objective - to take FIDE up to the highest standards of professionalism, efficiency and transparency. FIDE should become a globally visible and respected organization promoting chess all around the world and contributing to the sustainable development of our societies.

Being deeply connected to chess since the early childhood, I had a chance to help promoting our game on many occasions, while my recent experience as the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee for FIFA World Cup-2018 in Russia has helped me a lot to see a broader picture. I am ready and willing to use my skills and knowledge to transform FIDE, and to take chess to the heights it deserves.

Let me share with you some of the key points of my program:
FIDE leadership will consist of people who love chess and really care for it
The opinion of the professional chess players will be heard, and we will establish a properly functioning World Championship Cycle - both for men and women. All the top events, and in particular Title Matches shall become visible to the entire world which will ensure a lasting cooperation with the global partners. However, promoting our top stars, we should not forget about veterans - FIDE shall reestablish and enhance the veterans' program.
Partnering global corporations will ensure a radical increase of the FIDE budget
Some of the important corporate sponsors (inter alia, Gazprom, Renault, Rosatom) have already committed to continue supporting chess development in different regions. In parallel, the burden of fees and other payments by the national federations and players shall be substantially decreased, as FIDE is capable of generating its income in a much more efficient and respectable ways. Overall my team can guarantee the amount of Euro 5 million annually for the next four-year budget cycle mostly coming from corporate sponsorship and improved marketing activities.
FIDE has to become a transparent organization, and its image needs to be restored.
The work of the commissions shall be totally reshaped, and it should be led by the professional people regardless of their political views. We need to open up the new markets for chess, and FIDE has to play a leading role in promoting it. FIDE headquarters will be moved to Switzerland, with the aim to establish strong cooperation with various international bodies and global partners.
FIDE General Assembly should be staged every year.
All countries must have a chance to express their opinion, and FIDE leadership must be ready to answer all the questions and to share all the information about its work. The ties with the developing countries are to turn into lasting partnership that will ensure a promotion and financial support for chess in these regions - such a cooperation shall remain intact on a constant basis, and not only before the elections. FIDE President shall be serving the chess community, and regardless of the results of their work the maximum of two presidential terms must be set.
Cooperation with other sports bodies is of an extreme importance.
I've reached an agreement with FIFA President Mr. Infantino to have much closer links between two organizations, and we started discussions on potential partnering. That may include chess entering football academies around the globe. Football stars could visit official FIDE events - and that will generate more interest among general public. We will be able to use the professional skills of FIFA in marketing and organization of the events. We will be also working closely with IOC and other major sport institutions - as chess has to be globally recognized as sport and has a great potential for a cooperation with any other sport.
Chess is a unique sport - and it can benefit a lot from the modern technologies.
The IT platform uniting all the chess players will be launched - with the main goal to further promote our game and raise additional resources from the investors and sponsors. A use of modern technologies will also help us to fight a computer-assisted cheating that undermines the image of our game and jeopardizes its future.
At the same time our increased budget will help us to reshape and refocus the Chess in Schools program.
It should become much more efficient and aimed at improving educational processes, providing the concrete and measurable results. We also feel essential to extend support for chess in the regions that almost entirely depend on FIDE funds.
Chess world deserves much better, and things must change.
Our team is ready to help the global chess community to make this change and open up the new horizons for our beloved game.
Let's get chess out of the woods!