Why do you violate the Financial Regulations, Mr. Treasurer?
Dear Mr. Treasurer!

Please note that p.6.3 of the Financial Regulations literally stipulates the following: "On 1st July and 1st January the Treasurer lists on the FIDE website those countries that are deemed to be over six months in arrears."

This wording does not mention Treasurer's personal judgement regarding publishing or non-publishing the list of countries in arrears. It indicates that the publishing is mandatory and obligatory.

At present the Treasurer's duty to publish the list exceeded 42 days. We ask you to instantly accomplish the duty stipulated by the Financial Regulations, approved by the FIDE authorized body, as well as to confirm that this list of federations in arrears will be included into the Attachment to the Financial Report that is to be rendered to the Congress in Batumi.

In addition we would like to mark that in accordance with Mr Treasurer's letters dated May 9th and May 12th of 2018, problems with FIDE's accounts have been solved. The fact that the July invoices from FIDE are payable to the same accounts confirms this.

Thus, there are no legal grounds to break p.6.3. of the Financial Regulations.

Best regards,

Bachar Kouatly,
President of the French Chess Federation
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