The team of Mr. Makropulos is hiding from justice?

As we already informed earlier, the Georgian court adopted a resolution on interim measures prohibiting the team of Mr. Makropulos from disseminating slanderous leaflets about Mr. Balgabayev. Mr. Makropulos spoke so much about the law in his public address two days ago that we were sure that all members of his ticket would be lawfully obeyed by the court bailiff. However, the reality turned out to be completely different. According to the official protocol compiled by the Georgian bailiff, all his attempts to hand over judicial documents to the team of Mr. Makropulos are broken about their unwillingness to see the bailiff, let him in or even answer by phone.
We are sure that such a complete disregard for the laws and official authorities of the host country of the Olympics on behalf of official candidates harms FIDE's reputation and shows the unwillingness of Mr. Makropulos's team to comply with the law.
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