A few words about Mr.Makropoulos' team new complaint
Dear friends! We are extremely disappointed by the announcement made by Mr. Makropoulos' team, especially taking into account the fact that it contains a number of significant inaccuracies.

1. Mr. Makropoulos and his team have printed and were actively distributing leaflets containing false information about Mr. Balgabayev.

2. Mr. Balgabayev, in accordance with the law, applied to the Georgian court and received a court ruling with interim measures prohibiting Mr. Makropoulos and members of his ticket from distributing the appropriate leaflets.

3. This ruling was brought by Mr. Balgabayev and his lawyer to the Organizing Committee of the Olympiad. It was also handed over, together with the ruling's translation into English, to the employees of Mr. Makropoulos's exhibition stand. The officers of Mr. Makropoulos duly removed the relevant leaflets of insulting nature.

4. However, after a while Mr. Makropoulos' son placed new leaflets, insulting Mr. Balgabayev, on Mr. Makropoulos's stand in even more quantities.

5. Mr. Balgabayev's lawyer personally presented Mr. Makropoulos's son with an additional copy of the court's ruling and its translation into English. However, Mr. Ioannis Makropoulos refused to familiarize himself with the ruling or remove the leaflets.

6. In connection with this and a refusal to have the court's ruling enforced, as well as taking into account legal rights of a person in favor of whom the judgment was rendered, the lawyer of Mr. Balgabayev disposed of these slanderous leaflets into the trash. However, he is ready to personally reimburse the cost of having these leaflets printed.

7. Contrary to any statements by Mr. Makropoulos, Mr. Balgabayev's lawyer has never raised his voice or voiced any threats against Mr. Makropoulos Jr. or any employee of his campaign for that matter. This can be easily confirmed by numerous eyewitnesses and video recordings available. It is saddening to realize that Mr. Makropoulos considers references to the court ruling as "threats", as well as refusing to comply with the court's ruling prohibiting distribution of these leaflets.
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