Arkady Dvorkovich Team Chess Lounge Opens in Batumi
On September 27, the Arkady Dvorkovich Team Chess Lounge was opened in Zhasmin Lounge Bar located near Sheraton Hotel. One can play chess, get acquainted with Arkady Dvorkovich's election campaign, ask questions to the FIDE presidential candidate and the members of his team there, or just relax in a cozy atmosphere, meet people and have a good time because the Lounge Bar has even a big swimming-pool on its territory.

The first event which was held there was the Chess Ladies' Dinner for which a former world women's champion Zhu Chen had invited her colleagues. The Dinner was attended by former world women's champions Nona Gaprindashvili and Susan Polgar, grandmasters Bachar Kouatly, Victor Bologan, and Mikhail Kobalia, Chairperson of the Belarus Chess Federation Anastasia Sorokina and other well-known chess players and organizers.
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