FIDE versus National Federations?
Manipulating proxies, deceiving inexperienced federations, stretching the truth and intimidating
- this is a trademark style of Mr. Makropoulos's team.
We have decided to let you in the know of the most crying abuses.


President of the Serbian Chess Federation has replaced their delegate. This step was planned long ago, and SCF published an open letter back in 2017 – when they failed to replace the delegate due to his close ties with Mr. Makropoulos. When the decision was finally taken, it led to a massive accusations, that will be reviewed by the Ethics commission. Imagine yourself in the shoes of your country's chess federation president, willing to replace your representative at the FIDE Congress. In the world according to Makropulos, you can't do it. Now Mr. Makropoulos tries to ban Serbian Chess Federation for one year for disobeying his orders.


The executive board of the Slovenian Chess Federation has decided to back up the candidacy of Mr. Dvorkovich. This decision has been adopted unanimously. What happens next, though? A delegate of the Slovenian Chess Federation Boris Kutin, a long-standing companion of Mr. Makropoulos, goes about giving him a proxy without any delay. That is, he takes an independent and conscious decision that goes counter to the one reached by the executive board of his federation. Really? How come? Why Mr. Kutin does it? To keep getting well-paid sinecure positions like Appeals Committee member time after time after time.


President of the Laos Chess Federation has written a special letter to clearly explain his federation's position for the upcoming elections. The federation president supports Dvorkovich's candidacy. Nevertheless, knowing the position of his chess federation, a delegate from Laos gives a proxy to Mr. Makropoulos. This is yet another case of a chess federation's opinion mattering not at all.

The Republic of Maldives

The Maldives Chess Federation is going through rough times. Ministry of Youth and Sports has found it necessary to establish a special Normalization Committee. In fact, the Maldives Chess Federation has no powers at the moment, which is quite clear from the letter signed by the country's commissioner for sports. The latter clearly states in this letter that the Maldives Chess Federation has no authority to assign a proxy to anyone. The letter is wrapped up by stating that the federation will not be participating in the Congress and the voting. Nevertheless, yet another member of the Makro team, aspiring to a position of Secretary General of FIDE, manages to "grab" the proxy. This issue is to be taken up with the electoral committee to decide.


Unlike the Maldives, the Haitian Chess Federation has never stopped its activities. However, it was ill-advised and misinformed by Jorge Vega, Continental President for America and a right-hand man of Mr. Makropoulos's. The story has been described publicly by the Haitian Chess Federation. Haitians have written a letter, asking the Congress and the electoral committee to give them back the right to vote, but they have been stripped of this voting right via dishonest manipulations.
We can go on and on. This is quite an impressive list, but we are not amused. It is obvious that Makropoulos team finds itself in a desperate situation. They are losing the election and try to save it by hook or by crook. They want to remove our team from the elections. They don't care at all about opinions voiced by the national federations, let alone about the future of chess.

Mr. Makropoulos! We are confident in our win even without these votes, which have been actually stolen from us. Having the best program, a strong team and a wide support will land us victorious anyway. The point is to tell the world about the machinations used by you in an attempt to tip the scales in your favor. However, these machinations will bring you neither victory nor new supporters. Federations do have the right to vote. It is up to them to have a decisive say on October 3.
AD team
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