Arkady Dvorkovich: Makropoulos' Complaint Is a Clear Sign of Weakness
Dear friends,

Three days ago I received a letter from the FIDE Ethics Commission informing me about a complaint submitted by FIDE Deputy President and my election competitor Mr. Makropoulos. I will refrain now from delving into the details of the complaint, but its essence is very simple: in the opinion of Mr. Makropoulos, I should be barred from chess activities for the next eight (!) years as a person resorting to unauthorized methods of campaigning and violating the ethical code.
I do not want to focus here on the specifics of accusations or publish defense pleadings. It is up to the lawyers. I can only repeat what I have already stated many times: I have never exploited diplomatic ties to put any pressure on representatives of chess federations.

I reject all accusations and hope that the FIDE Ethics commission will take a fair decision. I expect a fair decision – the one that will not prevent members of my ticket and me from participating in the upcoming FIDE elections. This eligibility is granted to us by the federations nominating our team and the electoral commission confirming this right. Of course, the best way to prove one's case at the approaching elections does not lie in dishonest bureaucratic games, but in getting a support for your vision from the national federations all over the globe.

However, my opponent does not seem to believe in democracy. Having been in FIDE's office for 32 years now, he has simply forgotten what it is. Mr. Makropoulos is perfectly well aware of his standing no chance in a fair contest. While campaigning, I have met delegates and representatives of over 100 national federations and learned a lot about the problems of the chess world. I can confidently state that an overwhelming majority of federations are sharing our vision for the future of chess. It is this awareness of an imminent defeat, and not at all a concern for the "purity of elections", that stands behind Mr. Makropoulos's complaint to the Ethics Commission. He keeps boasting some phantasmagorical figures of support, but the reality is very much different – and he tries to prevent me from participating in the elections – and also to ban several federations that supported my candidacy.

Filing such a complaint is a clear sign of weakness. The complaint to the Ethics Commission is Mr. Makropoulos's last chance for a successful electoral outcome. He is not keen on outperforming his competitor. He is trying to get rid of him. This is his way of slowing down the renewal process that chess needs so desperately. This is the best he can try to get four more years in the FIDE office. Aren't we all tired of it?

I am here with my team to deliver a better future for FIDE in general and for each federation in particular. I am ready to devote all my experience, knowledge and professionalism to the service of the world chess community.
After 32 years in FIDE office by Mr. Makropoulos, who was in charge for nearly all important decisions FIDE took in the last twenty years, the chess world has sunk to a miserable state. Prize funds of the World Championship matches are the lowest since 1969! FIDE keeps living on the money collected from national federations and players, while more than half of FIDE budget is spent on FIDE offices and untraceable spendings. FIDE's image is poor, its work is non-transparent to the extreme, and the lack of commercial partners is astonishing.

We are going to reverse the trend, and in order to address the issue I have repeatedly promised to bring in corporate sponsors both for FIDE and for national federations. And not only promised – I have already received some written commitments and will present them in Batumi. This said, I have never made it a condition or demanded that someone support me in return for certain favors. None of the delegates or presidents of the national federations that we have met will accuse me of bribery or any form of pressure. Simply because it never happened.

My team and I believe in the Ethics Commission to take a fair decision. After all, the FIDE structures are designed to serve, rather than damage, a common cause. Unlike our opponents, we respect freedom of expression and do not question the delegates' common sense in deciding on the future of chess all by themselves.

With respect, Arkady Dvorkovich,
FIDE presidential candidate
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