Julio Ernesto Granda Zuñiga: Delighted to See that Most Chess Players are Heart and Hand for us
- In your opinion, what are the most pressing issues in chess today that require prompt action?

- Apart from the most obvious issues, – such as poor organisational skills that FIDE has been demonstrating for the past years and negative publicity that FIDE has gained as a result of inadequate management – I believe that one of the problems we should tackle is a hideous tradition to collect money from FIDE official tournaments participants. We should also cooperate with the media more closely, that is to invest more in its work to ensure that chess receives greater media coverage. For example, we should engage some competent advertising agency to organise a World Chess Championship. A live streaming TV-channel would also do some good.

- Why did you decide to join Arkady Dvorkovich's team?

- First of all, my personal circumstances have prompted this decision. I have just returned home after living in Spain for 10 years. I rarely participated in tournaments, and as a result, I decided to take the opportunity to contribute to chess development in a slightly different way by joining a strong and sound team.

- What is your area of responsibility within the general scope of work?

- Chess in America. Each country here experiences its own issues, and after a long period of lack of at least any serious plan and its proper implementation, as a starting point, a certain robust structure must be established to change the current state of affairs on the continent for the better.

- What are your impressions of the election campaign and meetings with chess players, organizers and delegates?

- Some managers showed reluctance to change, but others who see our suggestions as a chance for improvement expressed positive expectations. We were delighted to see that most organisers, chess masters, and amateurs are heart and hand for us.

- What will be your immediate course of action at FIDE after winning the elections?

- I will continue working with the team on the current issues. Some changes are also required within the FIDE structure as such . With a guaranteed financial support from our sponsors, we will be able to do everything that needs to be done in FIDE. That can create a positive mindset within the chess community.
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