Meeting 95 federations and gaining a clear confidence in over 90 delegates' votes for our candidate as of today
Over the past two and a half months, Arkady Dvorkovich and his team members have met representatives of 95 national chess Federations, each continent visited at least twice. As of today, these meetings and discussions give Arkady Dvorkovich's team a clear vote of support from 91 federations.

In the Arab world, Tunisia and Sudan have officially replied to the President of the Arab Chess Union's (ACU) call to side with Arkady Dvorkovich. Let us keep in mind that although the ACF President is entitled to call for support, he is actually not entitled to vote at the upcoming FIDE presidential election.

In ASEAN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations listing 10 federations, a vote of Mr. Prospero Pichay, President of the Philippines Chess Federation, does by no means amount to 10 votes as part of one list even taking into account his status as President of the ASEAN Chess Confederation (ACC). We are confident that the Asian national chess federations will follow their own best judgment in the interest of chess and future of FIDE.

We keep looking forward to the elections of October 3 as a turning point bringing renewal so much needed by FIDE. It is now less than a month before the FIDE Congress kicks off in Batumi. Our team will continue meeting representatives of various federations to discuss the 8 strong moves intended to transform FIDE. Hopefully, we will succeed in convincing people to join us for this journey of chess development.
Bachar Kouatly, President of the French Chess Federation
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