Bachar Kouatly: FIDE has to restore credibility, trust and confidence
- In your opinion, which problems, haunting modern chess, need addressing as soon as possible?

- The main problem for FIDE lies in restoring credibility, trust and confidence to be able to work efficiently with international sport bodies and corporate sponsorship.

- What made you join Arkady Dvorkovich's team?

- I decided to join Arkady Dvorkovich for five objective reasons:

A – Having served his country in high circles for so many years means his managerial expertise and personal skills have been tested and honed on a daily basis.
B – Being a chairman of the 2018 world football Cup, which the entire world acclaims as a tremendous success, means high skills in organizing.
C – Having met and discussed with FIFA's President M.Gianni Infantino in Moscow has convinced me in the existence of a potential for cooperation between two organizations.
D – A pending business meeting with IOC in a short while to discuss the potential that chess has to offer via schools and e-games is very important from the strategical point of view.
E – I know Arkady for more than ten years now and I have for 12 years been visiting the chess foundation that he established in Moscow in the memory of his father Vladimir Dvorkovich, whom I met in Lyon back in 1990 when organizing the Kasparov-Karpov world championship match. His passion for chess is not artificial.

- What is your share of responsibility in the overall work?

- My share of responsibility with a few others is, first of all, to help Arkady and the team to campaign with vision that is absolutely necessary if we wish to bring chess to the level it should be at. We will have to use all great resources already existing in FIDE and back them up with required financing to transform our organization successfully.

- What are your impressions of the pre-election campaign, encounters with chess players, organizers and delegates?

- My impressions are positive so far. I meet many friends and new people with very interesting views and suggestions. It is important for presidents and delegates to get to know Arkady by meeting him personally. Some people told me they were pleasantly surprised by his soft personality and capacity to listen and to find solutions.

- What will be your first actions in FIDE after winning the elections?

- First of all, it is necessary to maintain uninterrupted work with all national federations through FIDE's secretariat.
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