Enyonam Sewa Fumey: We should think on the strategies of chess development in the world
- In your opinion, which problems, haunting modern chess, need addressing as soon as possible?

- Chess is such a marvelous game and the whole world deserves to get its benefits. Chess should be put within reach of the whole humanity. Our beloved game is a great equalizer, everybody can play chess. However, it is unfortunate that chess doesn't reach big parts of the world in a good way. We should think again on the strategies of chess development in the world and solve the big disparities, the most needy ones should be of high priority. Development support should be proportional to the needs and all development projects should be monitored for efficiency. The chain from the source to the beneficiaries of developmental programs should consist of reliable people, who are motivated by the desire to achieve a clear goal and enough good will.

- What made you join Arkady Dvorkovich's team?

- In 2014 I got a chance to meet a nice person, and he started affecting my life immediately. I mean Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov! In recent times, he has been passing through very difficult times and I was wishing him the best. However, he was obliged to give up on the FIDE lead in the end... Mr. Dvorkovich, with his aura and bonds to chess, will be the best to carry our hopes for chess all over the world. I consulted dear Kirsan, and he confirmed that my choice is the right one. Therefore, I joined the team to help achieve the high and noble goal of Chess everywhere in the world!

- What is your share of responsibility in the overall work?

- I have been the founder of the first Togo chess club and founding member of the Togo Chess Federation, I served as General Secretary more than two terms before becoming President of the federation last year. For my experience with the Togo Chess federation, I have been elected General Secretary of the African Chess Confederation, and now I am listed as candidate for FIDE congress. I naturally take my part in the team work. For me it is very important that our ideas, plans and actions reach every person concerned.

- What are your impressions of the election campaign, encounters with chess players, organizers and delegates?

- We started a bit late for the campaign. However, there is no effort spared for people to know us better in the short time preceding the elections. The more people get to know us via different channels (meetings, direct contacts, etc.), the more support we get from them. Nice friendships are being created with the players, organizers, delegates, as well as new passion towards the game that creates solidarity and breaks walls between people.

- What will be your first actions in FIDE after winning the elections?

- We must quickly offer the opportunity to all contestants and opponents to join us for the work, if they want. The elections were about confronting ideas carried different camps, but the work should be done by everybody and altogether! Besides guarantying the best atmosphere of togetherness to achieve the common noble goal of Chess in the world, I will be very concerned by the implementation of an efficient development plan to get chess out of the woods and bring it up to a new level!
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