Zhu Chen: People like our ideas, they support us
- In your opinion, which problems, haunting modern chess, need addressing as soon as possible?

- I think we should significantly improve the format and prizes for the Woman WCC in order to make all the best female players motivated to participate. Also as a potential FIDE Treasurer I see a huge need for transparency on how the funds are distributed. Another big and urgent question is the secret contract with Agon. Such contracts should be open to public.

- What made you join Arkady Dvorkovich's team?

- I am in chess for a very long time as a chess professional. I have just celebrated the ten-year anniversary of my Chess Academy in China. So when Arkady Dvorkovich asked me to join the team I decided that my experience, knowledge and business contacts can be helpful for FIDE. Arkady Dvorkovich is an ideal candidate for the position of FIDE President – enough to mention that he was the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Also I want to thank my husband Mohamed for his support and understanding. To be a FIDE official is both an honor and responsibility. I will do my best in case we win.

- What is your share of responsibility in the overall work?

- I am running for the FIDE Treasurer position. It's good that men are entrusting FIDE's money to ladies :). Also, during the campaign I am visiting both European and Asian countries presenting Arkady Dvorkovich's electoral platform. We have received a lot of very useful feedback at our meetings with national chess federations, and we are actively incorporating those ideas in our platform.

- What are your impressions of the pre-election campaign, encounters with chess players, organizers and delegates?

- My overall impressions are very positive. I see that people like our ideas, they support us and are asking for so-needed changes in FIDE.

- What will be your first actions in FIDE after winning the elections?

- I think there should be a smooth transition period when the new team will review the current state of affairs and start to deliver the promised changes. The first thing we have to secure is the continual work of all FIDE institutions.
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