Business Meeting in Sharjah
On August 16, the FIDE presidential candidate Arkady Dvorkovich visited the Emirate of Sharjah (UAE) as part of his election campaign. There took place a business meeting with the management of the Arab Chess Federation, headed by Sheikh Saud Al Mualla. Also taking part in the meeting were vice-president of the Arab Chess Federation, international master Sami Khader (Jordan), and Deputy General Secretary of the Federation Rajai Al-Susi (Palestine). During the conversation, held in a businesslike constructive atmosphere, Arkady Dvorkovich shared main points of his election platform and the progress of electoral campaign; areas of potential bilateral cooperation were being discussed either.

The meeting took place at the magnificent chess club of Sharjah, which is rightfully considered this Emirate's center of not only the intellectual, but of the cultural life as well. This place has seen various competitions, several men's and women's FIDE Grand Prix stages being among them. Not only does Sheikh Saud stand as President of the Arab Chess Federation, but also as head of the Sharjah Chess Club, which history was shaped by him personally. Sheikh Saud showed Arkady Dvorkovich the most interesting artifacts of the club's collection. After exploring the exhibition stands, a legacy of the previous FIDE Grand Prix tournaments, the FIDE presidential candidate was introduced to the most gifted students. Sheikh Saud expressed confidence in that these chess classes are about the Emirate's intellectual future.
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